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CEO Huang Profile, Classic Sayings
(一)CEO Huang Profile
CEO Yanqing Huang is a rich investment experience of famous Chinese fund manager in Singapore, financial experts, successful learning master, and the founder of FinnCiti game financial management system. He became a millionaire when he was 27 years old, at the age of 31 into a multimillionaire. His parents are both from Fujian, his father was the largest rubber supplier in Indonesia, and be good friend with Jiageng Chen, During Uob created early Jiageng Chen consulted with Huang’s father.
CEO Huang actual combat result:he specializes in investment in the Nikkei (stock index futures, average index number of 225 companies of Japan), never lose money for 13 years record holder in Asia. He worked for client and Created the annual return was 41% for 13 years, up to 76% in 2005 (Soros created the annual return for client was 30%-38%, Warren Buffet created the annual return for client was 23.60%). He spent 4 years studying, finally developed a set of the most advanced financial model and help the ordinary people can be rich in the world, —“FinnCiti game financial management system”
CEO Huang has three goals in his life:
First of all:open bank of FinnCiti (Similar to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Commercial Banks of China,and China Construction Bank, it’s gonna be globle bank, and we will be the best customers, money will depreciate
in other bank, but will appreciate in our FinnCiti bank……)
Secondly:open insurance company of FinnCiti (When we are rich, certainly will buy insurance for our future generations.)
Thirdly:open stock exchange of FinnCiti (CEO Huang will take us into
international stock market, and lead us to dealer our own shares. There is a game that you need to use coins to buy the shares and then imitate playing stock in FinnCiti,just in order to improve our actual combat skills on stock, simulate the stock and the real stock market are exactly the same, only 15minutes late from the real stock market, also CEO Huang will teach us how to play shares in 2014, and holding aperiodicity organise competitions to win the prize.)
(二)CEO Huang classic sayings
1、We need to learn how to selfless help others in FinnCiti, if you wanna FinnCiti as long as possible, please take good care of your group. In addition, try to contemplate it in your mind, and work hard on it. Don’t be impatient, learns the personhood first, and then teach others how to do finance, meanwhile our wealth is doubled. CEO Huang always said : “don’t worry no one accept good things, quit bragging, don’t cheat, stop lying, as long as we tell the truth, fortunes naturally follow. because of we are making the brand, and doing good deed.
2、Tell the truth to the people around you about FinnCiti, don’t cheat them, and no worry, don’t be rushed, more haste, less speed. FinnCiti is financing or not gambling, also FinnCiti robots distribution is the key to multiply your wealth, actually make money is to with proportional to the time. CEO Huang said just do what you are told, if you believe that, so come on in, otherwise don’t join in here. Buddha helps predestined people, and all of things follow the luck, whatever will be. Anyway, the world’s biggest motivation to learn is making money effect!
3、“FinnCiti teaching the broad masses of ordinary people how to financial management, especially Chinese, and finally achieve the goal of freedom of wealth.”
4、“At first I said FinnCiti is the best company in the world, it has already passed for 4 years, I still say same things what FinnCiti is the best company in the world, FinnCiti’s goal is to become a double hundred enterprises,–Century enterprise, into the world’s top 100.”
5、“You don’t know how to financial management, it doesn’t matter, I will, just follow me, I take your hand, ensure your success!”
6、“Everyone knows that financial management, but lots people didn’t work good on it, and made the things getting worse, so that all lost. But only winners no losers in the FinnCiti system ”;
7、“The U.S. stock market has nearly 200 years of history, Singapore stock market has 50 years of history, robots trading market is one of a kind in FinnCiti and in the world, to ensure the running in 100 years no problem, moreover there are entities listed companies backed by…”;
8、“I know a lot of players worried sick that if I will close website and run away, but I don’t wanna talk about it any more on this topic, the company issued a regulation last year what limited the number of big account to join in FinnCiti, thinking about that if I am going to cheat your money, why do I still limit new players to join in us? so I hope you can tell the others don’t need to worry too much about it after you go back, FinnCiti won’t close website forever!”
9、“We will be leisure to go along with our rich, when you are rich, don’t forget to spend some time to be with your family, or not go to the racket, I don’t want to see that…”
10、FinnCiti company promises: the interests of the game players is above all else! FinnCiti won’t close website forever!“tell the truth, be honest, we will be the final winners!”
11、A one-time join in? all over the world, and can get money in your a lifetime, even your posterity can get money of the company, I want to say that in addition to FinnCiti couldn’t find a second……
12、More money is just a number, I am already 60 years old and alive really not just for money, actually just wanna do some valuable things in my lifetime. If there are 20,000 people can come to my funeral when I die, meaning that is to say,my life is meaningful and value.
13、There’s a foreign company wanna spend hundreds of millions of making an acquisition plan of FinnCiti this year.
CEO Huang said“don’t say that hundreds of millions, is tens of billions for me useful? I don’t care the money, I just care about double hundred enterprises, because none one century enterprise is Chinese enterprise in foreign countries. However someone offer and ask for him to appear on the stock market is the purpose of the company finally, and set up the Chinese flag in the global market!”
14、“The highest realm of making money is“the leisure to go along with the rich”, well, the success of the future example:does not depend on how many people you won, but depends on how many people you helped, and the sharing is a kind of achievement! we share about making a profit chance in FinnCiti and equality of the wealth concept to others, all in all helping others is also their own achievements! ”
15、I am not like Buffett, Li Ka-shing rich and famous, but I am even more remarkable than they are, in fact that’s different concepts with them, absolutely I’ll help countless ordinary people rich and improving their living standards. But Buffett’s money has nothing to do with us, and he won’t give us a penny.
16、FinnCiti is all of us own, must have a sense of belonging. I alive just for the value, so that I founded FinnCiti is for helping civilians, finally, let the Chinese people hold their heads high in the world’s financial stage!
17、 Originally old players earned lots money from FinnCiti and then out, they hate me now, because all thought FinnCiti can’t more than 1-2 years, but when they saw the left players to make more and more money, scolded me this dead old man why don’t close the website yet.
18、When I just set up system, let an IT of America company add beneficiary in FinnCiti system function, but they laughed at me and said you don’t have to add any beneficiary, because the website would be closed in 3 months, then after the market opened, the beneficiary added by our own an IT of Malaysia company, if didn’t add the item, the property of the dead would be belong to the FinnCiti company, and now 6 people already have inherited the benefit from their family. So FinnCiti is the only financial Company in the world, even if we don’t work, but our generation still can get money, in addition to FinnCiti not yet.
19、Tell the truth and do practical things, also don’t cheat people, because people do things and god watching. FinnCiti is so good and such great, but many people do not believe in FinnCiti, it doesn’t matter, that’s because he’s not good enough, can’t recognize and see the others good as well.
20、Natural wealth always follow good person and right things, FinnCiti is not a gamble, but give us a long time? to make money. FinnCiti is yours, not mine, therefore you must do FinnCiti attentively and realization by heart, otherwise don’t go with your friends to promote,? just play by yourself. FinnCiti is the most perfect company in the world, it took 4 years to calculate all figures, without any doubt how long FinnCiti will survive, in the meantime how long we will survive.
21、FinnCiti system is hard to break, layout 20,000 integral points on each layer, and will get back more money from FinnCiti. Huang always said no such silly CEO standing in front of you, I designed the system, and then teach you how to break again. Only 100 million accumulated accounts can break his system in FinnCiti, will make him lose his money, money-losing company wants to get a final section leave off the net, so FinnCiti never close the network, and will not lie with a high investment return. FinnCiti founded itself is one of the world’s greatest divide equally plan, so an account of 500,000 integral points won’t get out of the way more than three, however no one a great man has such divide equally plan including the government.
22、FinnCiti is not a pursuit of performance of the company, when you share it with your friends, be sure to inform the other party, if they want to open an account, be sure to ask them the extra money could leave pocket more than one year, if not, don’t open accounts for them, because FinnCiti is not overnight to be rich, but it can make your whole life rich.
23、Every one of you in this platform to improve life is your own work, at least you hard work accounts for a larger ratio. Anyone in FinnCiti possess wealth is not I give, but you believe that after will be. Actually I’m just founder of platform, as of now I can’t make a not willing to learn guy improving life, for better or worse, give you a chance to hold yourself, and give you a love to take care by yourself.

翻译者: 美国开发商-善莲